Deadly twisters, serving hearts
After East Texas storm, the Clemons family blesses victims with love โ€” and lots of meat.
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Bobby Ross Jr. | Christian Chronicle
After tornadoes ravaged the East Texas town of Canton, Bryan and Rebecca Clemons hatched a plan to help.

“We were in town for a family wedding when the tornado hit and felt helpless when we left that Sunday,” said Rebecca Clemons, who attended high school in Canton.

Four people were killed and dozens injured in the April 29 tornadoes, the Tyler Morning Telegraph reported. Hundreds “lost everything and desperately needed help.”
A cross is among the items salvaged by a volunteer searching through the debris.
Back home, Bryan and Rebecca Clemons — who attend the Austin-area Georgetown Church of Christ — decided to collect food and money and return the next weekend to the disaster area three hours away.

Coleman Clemons, 5, helps prepare hamburgers for a Saturday night meal.Their children — Grace, 11, and Coleman, 5 — were excited to join the relief effort, while about 20 fellow Christians contributed, Rebecca Clemons said.

“Ready to bless others!” she wrote on Facebook as they headed to Canton with $1,300 in gift cards and enough meat to feed hundreds.

In all, the Clemons and other volunteers served more than 75 pounds of brisket, 240 sausage links, 200 burgers and 80 hot dogs.

“I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all those who donated time, money and food to help,” Bryan Clemons said.HOW TO HELP
Donations to help in the relief efforts can be made through various relief organizations including:

Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort

• Disaster Assistance Mission

• Churches of Christ Disaster Response Team 
Keith Rohlack and Greg King assist in the meal preparation for tornado victims.